Check the NEWS and learn about Quantitative rCBF Brain Imaging as an early indicator of Alzheimer's Disease

  Ceretronix is engaged in development and marketing of advanced
  nuclear  rCBF brain imaging systems for use within specialized
  application areas. System development is performed in close
  cooperation with Universities, Hospitals and Research institutions
  within Europe and the United States.
  Ceretronix has more than 30 years of experience - and is
  renowned for its contributions to development of sophisticated
  software and hardware solutions for Imaging of (rCBF) regional
  Cerebral Blood Flow.

  Ceretronix has designed the Cortexplorer 64 system to meet  the
  demand for routine clinical rCBF Brain Imaging. The system is especially
  suited for patients suffering from Alzheimers Disease and other types of
  dementia, where it is desirable to supplement clinical information with a
  quantitative rCBF Image.
  The Cortexplorer 64 also provides clinical relevant information on
  Functional Activation and drug test. The procedure may be repeated
  within minutes from base line
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